CompoSmart Aerobic Composter (1 Kg)


Prapt micro organisms are developed using Agricultural Solids along with necessary enzymes produced organically.

Prapt Microbes has unique characteristic of converting any organic wet waste into planting media and nutritious manure.

Prapt Microbes can handle all sorts of vegetarian and non vegetarian food waste including Plantain leaves and plantain stems by converting them into organic manure without any bad odour. During the process, maggots or fruit flies won’t be generated.

So much eco friendly that Prapt Microbes can be used with bare hands.


  • During Summer white mould Mycelium is created in 5 to 7 days, while the duration is more during Winters. In the absence of smell and maggots, the composting process is faster and natural.
  • It is mandatory to harvest the liquid from the bin every 2-3 days.
  • During Winters the liquid can be collected once in 2-3 days and during Summer the liquid may or may not be collected depending on the moisture content.
  • Can Deposit any kind of vegetable, fruit, meat, egg, rice, lentils, flowers, etc…
  • It is recommended to avoid any single item in the whole bin to compost and always preferable to mix all the above mentioned waste variants for faster composting.
  • Keep aside for 15-18 days and transfer the compost to flower pot or laminated bags. Tie the bag and keep it in a dark and cool place until and it turns to enriched manure. Keeping it tied for long period turns it to soil that is ideal for gardening.
  • To deposit all waste in a single day and fill the bin, alternately spread the layers of waste and microbes as below
    Deposit 3″ of waste, spread microbes on top of the waste and repeat the process in layers one above the other.
  • The vegetable fruit waste should be shredded to 1″ size.
  • 1 kg of Aerobic Microbes handles 35-40 kgs of wet waste.
Weight 1 kg

1/2 kg & 1 kg


1 mm to 3 mm


6 months from the date of manufacture


Mixed Fruit


To be kept in room temperature in an airtight container.Do not keep under direct sunlight.




Combination of naturally developed microbes


Brown to Dark Brown




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