Author: Rohini

Composting – Aerobic or Anaerobic?

There are basically two ways in which organic matter can decompose – Aerobic and anaerobic. Both methods will result in the creation of rich manure from waste materials. However, the processes are slightly different. Let us have a look at how they are different from each other. Aerobic composting: Aerobic composting is the decomposition of […]

Waste segregation at home – Beginner’s guide:

Landfills are turning into ever-growing mountains of trash that cause a lot of environmental damage. Waste segregation can be an aid to solve this problem, by ensuring proper disposal of different materials. The waste created in a typical household can broadly be divided into three categories: Biodegradable – Items that break down into organic materials […]

How to set up anaerobic composting at home

Composting is a process by which biodegradable waste can be turned into manure with the help of decomposition by microorganisms. When this process is done in the absence of oxygen, it is called anaerobic composting. The microorganisms in this method require little or no oxygen to survive. How to compost anaerobically? Step 1: Choose the […]