5 Eco-friendly things you can do while staying at home

Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean being bored all the time! In fact, you can utilise this opportunity to slow down, spend time with yourself and your family, and relax. Here are five eco-friendly things that you can do while you are practicing social distancing.

  1. Start composting:

You can start composting at home to turn all the biodegradable waste that you create into rich manure. Eating home-cooked meals all day can result in a lot of kitchen waste anyway. This doesn’t have to go to waste. You can turn them into useful material right within your home, without having to step out. Composting is pretty simple. For now, you can pick up any old container at home and start adding the waste to it. You need to add both wet waste (fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food, etc.) and dry waste (dried leaves, twigs, coir from used coconut, etc.) Just make sure the container has a few air holes in it. You can upgrade to the Prapt Compost Bin when the situation normalises.

2. Make an eco-brick:

An eco-brick is a plastic bottle stuffed with non-recyclable plastic materials.

While you are at home, spend some time to segregate your trash. While the biodegradable items can be composted, and materials like metals and hard plastics can be saved for recycling, you can use the non-recyclable plastic items like food wrappers, plastic straws, etc. to make eco-bricks. First, make sure the wrappers are clean and free from any food particles, then, cut them into smaller pieces. Grab an old plastic bottle and start filling it with the pieces. Use a stick to compress the waste inside the bottle and continue adding more to it. You need to fill the bottle so densely that it doesn’t deform when you sit on it. Once the bottle is filled up completely, you can keep it aside and start filling up another bottle. Once you have enough eco-bricks, you can use your creativity to make your own cool DIY projects with them! If not, you can donate them to organisations that use them for the construction of furniture, walls, and other structures.

3. Prepare bio-enzyme:

Image by Asimina Nteliou from Pixabay

Commercially bought floor and bathroom cleaners contain a lot of chemicals. These get washed down the drains and end up polluting water bodies and aquatic life. Bio-enzyme can be prepared easily at home and can be used as a natural multi-purpose cleaner.

To prepare this, you will need jaggery, water and citrus fruit peels in the ratio of 1:10:3, and a plastic bottle.

Heat the water and add the jaggery to it. Keep stirring till it gets dissolved completely. Let the mixture cool down to room temperature. Then, add the citrus peels to the plastic bottle and pour the jaggery water into it. Close the lid tightly. Open and close the lid twice a day to release the gas. The enzyme will be ready to use in 3 months. You can then sieve the contents and compost the peels. You will be able to prepare this enzyme much faster from the next time by adding a small quantity of the enzyme from the previous batch to the plastic bottle.

Use only a plastic bottle for this process as it allows the gases to expand when it is released.

4. Declutter your home:

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

We all have things we don’t need in our homes. Rather than having things lying unused, they can be sold or donated to people who would find them useful. Go through everything that you own and sort out all the things that you don’t need or don’t use anymore. You can choose to sell or donate them later.

Decluttering your home can relieve stress and you will end up having a clutter-free, tidy home!

5. Care for the animals:

Image by Isa KARAKUS from Pixabay

Due to the lockdown, stray animals are going hungry. You can help them in a small way by leaving leftover food outside your home and placing a pail of water for the animals and birds.

In this time of difficulty, let’s not forget to care for the earth. We can still do our bit for our environment from within our homes.

Stay at home, wash your hands often and take care of yourself and those around you. Let’s get through this tough time with compassion!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas of eco-friendly things that can be done at home. Stay safe!